Cool Rhino 無糖O2清熱飲

20151023_Cool Rhino A3 Poster B_CHI-01


Cool rhino japan.png

350毫升 X16支

350毫升 X16支


2012年 口碑營銷獎(清熱飲類)

2012年 口碑營銷獎(清熱飲類)

2012 Top 名牌獎(清熱飲類)

2012 Top 名牌獎(清熱飲類)

Cool Rhino cooling water drinks is a Traditional Chinese Medicine drink produced by Wen Ken Group. A flagship product of the company, the drink tastes like mineral water and has been around since 1937 when Wen Ken Group was first established in Singapore and Malaysia, selling about 100 millions bottles worldwide including Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei,Saudi and Japan.
We will join HK Food Festival 2015 this year to officially launch these product and you may find us at booth 3R31.

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